“Five years on, Pentecost 2015 seemed an ideal time to bring out a new set of free ministry online and app resources. Church Connections sets out to help churches make multiple connections within their communities” – Olaf Fogwill, Ministry Director with Connect4Life

This features two free apps – MY CONNECTIONS for discipleship and BEST CONNECTIONS for outreach. Material from this is also freely available online.

Material from this is also freely available online. Also featured is C4L CONNECTIONS , a set of short videos and pdfs to view and share. The fourth key element is SILVER CONNECTIONS, a resource for use with older friends and members of local communities.  The three discipleship personal study guides are now freely available online or can still be purchased in booklet form.  There are now well over 10500 users in 133 countries – the potential for these free resources to assist churches and individuals share God’s grace within their communities is huge.