Questionnaire ‘What do you think – Leaders’

Please complete this Leader's Questionnaire to see how the vision and resources of ‘Connect 4Life’ may help you in your life and ministry

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There are three cards that can be given to friends who may be:



This card has links to the Best Connections app
And our best connections page with useful 'how to' video

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This will help people investigate further, privately and quickly

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this is for people to consider reconnecting to God and/or church through ABC (A Better Connection)
or explore what it would be like to make a first connection to God through connection with Christ using TCL (The Connected Life)

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Many of C4L original materials are now available free online or in app form. 

See  CCicon Church Connections for a good summary, to read articles, see polls/surveys and add reviews.  Please share these free resources with your contacts. 

As a ministry, we are grateful to and individuals, trusts or churches who can support in prayer or finance. 

A Gift Aid form is available for any gifts where tax can be reclaimed.

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C4L YouTube Channel

– a useful collection of all C4L videos viewed by many over 200, 000.  An easy place to view, share and add comments.


-  see the journey of C4L and help share it with many others.

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Best Connections


THE BEST CONNECTIONS APP is a free resource online and as an app to help people get the most out of life’s journey.

There are 6 main sections with 5 important sub-sections. Within them are nearly 500 quotes from famous past and present people who have walked planet earth and offer their wisdom. These include Socrates, Voltaire, Obama, Marilyn Monroe, Confucius, John Lennon, Stephen Hawking, Ghandi and many others from all walks of life and religious views.

Available now - click for details

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My Connections


My Connections  
a free discipleship App

iphoneThis is a 31 day journey for those who are already connected to stimulate your personal walk with God.

  1. 31 days – short studies with powerful matching images
  2. Personal journal
  3. Simple and effective tool for personal mission
  4. Grace in action
  5. Gateway to many other useful discipleship and outreach resources

iphone2Use for free and then pass on to friends. 

Download the free app here: